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The ground speed of joy

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It seems rather pointless to type a whole slab of information on myself, but Hell;

I'm an 18 year old young lady living in a town that I'd love to watch slowly burn to the ground.

I'm a gregarious exhibtionist with a strange addiction to performing.

I'm a film nerd, and idolise Kubrick.

I am rather enamored with the social hirachy and lives of the subservient in past periods of history. (In saying that, I don't refer to the 1990's, 80's 70's or 60's and only find the struggles of the underdog in the 50's mildly fascinating, my interest lays deeply and mainly in the 1880's - early 1900's)

A fan of classic litrature. Shakespeare and Chekov = Love.

I adore dancing. I've done 11 years with the Royal Acadamy of Dance and about 7 with the British Ballet Organization syllabus. I now only take 2 classes a week but follow the ballet world with a keen appreciation.

I'm a HSC student.

I'm socially backwards. I'm not easy around people I dont know, and am not one to instagte conversation. At the same time, nothing excites me more then meeting new and exciting people. Figure that one out.

I've a mild fetish for all things realted to corsetry. Tightlacing, stays and the likes.

Wow... I sound like a complete tool. Add me and I'm more than likeley to add you back.

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